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Supplier of chlorine replacement systems pool repairs costa del sol

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Swimming Pool Chemical Free Chlorine replacement systems

You want to get rid of chlorine and make your swimming pool a more pleasant place to be. What choices are there and which works best??


These are the main types of alternatives to chlorine without using chemicals. There are also alternatives to chlorine that replace it with a different type of chemical or compound, such as "phosfree". Chlorine is a highly corrosive and dangerous chemical, it is known to cause lung problems, skin problems and is linked to cancer. It is because of these properties that it is such an effective disinfectant. Chlorine compounds where also part of the infamous "mustard gas", used in WW1.

One of the problems often associated with chlorine is the bad smell. The common misconception is that this is due to high chlorine levels. The opposite is true, the odour is due to the chlorine being used and being released as chloromines.

So what can we do to replace chlorine??

Salt Chlorinaters, salt chlorination, salt generator

zodiac salt chlorinator

These systems work by releasing chloride from salt in the water. Food grade sea salt is added to the water, making the pool salt water. A controller is installed in the pump house and an electrode is installed in the return water feed back to the pool.

The rate of chloride production is governed by the controller.

Salt systems produce sparkling water, that is soft on the skin, they are often favoured with people that have skin complaints. The salt system is very popular as it is relativly easy to retrofit and is compatible with existing filter equipment.

Ozone system

The ozone system is installed in a similar way to the salt system, with a controller and a intermix chamber in the return pipe to the pool. Ozone is a gas that is produced through corona discharge (lightning). It is a completly natural product, but has excellent disinfectant properties. Ozone systems will also help to soften hard water in some cases it will even reverse calcium build ups. The actual ozone is just 2 particles of oxygen that are attached to each other.

This system is extremely effective, but does have some issues that must be addressed for a proper instaltion. The filter will have to work much harder, as without chlorine in the water, the oils and organic residues will not be tackled, the filter must remove them. A zeolite or crushed glass fliter medium should be considered. This will remove far more debris from the water. ozone swimming pool system

Ionisation, Ionizer systems

Ionisation is the principle of releasing ions into the swimming pool water. Ions are part of the atomic structure of an element.

It was discovered thousdands of years ago, that if water was stored in a copper pot, or had copper coins in it, the water would stay fresh. This is because of the copper ions present in the water.

In a modern system this is taken one step further. An electrode, composed primarily of copper, with silver and sometimes zinc, is installed in the return feed to the swimming pool. An electric current is put through the rod, which releases the Ions.

Ions have a catastrophic effect on single celled organism, bacterias, algea and viruses.

UV sanitasion

UV Ultra Violet system The water is subjected to UV or ultra violet rays to destroy harmful bacterias and virus. This system is again installed in the return feed to the pool.


All of these systems are effective, the system best suited to your pool or budget is for you to decide. However when choosing always ask the supplier if any sort of sanitizer has to be added. Some of these systems are sold in conjunction with one another, for example a UV system may incorporate Ionisation. These combined systems are probably the best because they cover more than one base.

Or consider using chlorine replacement chemicals, such as PoolSan, loChlor, PhosFree. More info soon...

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